Mario Arroyave & Julio Victoria

Mario Arroyave & Julio Victoria (CO)

These two Colombian artists, one photographer, filmmaker and videographer, and the other a well known producer of electronic music, who has released records under german label Get Physical of Berlin, join together in a live-act of subtle atmospheres and audiovisual environments. After three years of joint collaborations, they produce now a piece of art created especially for microMUTEK.CO 2015.
Mario makes use of repetition as a metaphor for time, capturing images for a long period and synthesizing them into ripples colliding space in order to present the viewer an alternative visual reality in real time.
Julio Victoria get used to search sounds of your own home through techno and house music, developing a style of classical and electronic elements that intertwine and portray through their music, which is developed in several formats.

MUTEK 2015, bogota

Teatro Municipal Jorge Eliécer Gaitán


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