Alba G. Corral

Alba G. Corral (ES)

During the past decade, Alba G. Corral has been researching and creating visual art through software created from her training in computer engineering.  Her artistic sensibility and versatility has seen her collaborating in live music, video creation and multiple digital media formats as well as installations, composing abstract narrations through her exquisite taste in color. By combining generative systems with improvised drawing, she creates a unique language that becomes alive though digital landscapes.

By combining generative systems with improvised drawing techniques, her digital language becomes organic, creating fascinating landscapes. Through real-time generative code interacting live with her own musical aka, Namba, Corral will create an A/V piece site-specific for the “Sculpted with Light & Sound” cycle in collaboration with Roca Madrid Gallery.


Digi Lab
MUTEK 2020, spain

Roca Madrid Gallery

MUTEK 2016, spain

Antigua Fabrica Estrella Damm


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