MUTEK_10 Tour: New York

Studio B 11/04/2009

Live set!


Jean-Drapeau Park 03/06/2006

Beginning his career as a percussionist in a funk band, Guillaume Coutu-Dumont feeds his musical passion by studying various classical and Latin strands of percussion then switching to electro-acoustic composition. After having integrated himself in a contemporary jazz ensemble with which he released two records, the influence of concrete music popularized by Peter Schaeffer, and techno ultimately led to a complete devotion to electronic production.A prolific producer who maintains his home base in Montreal, he has gradually become known on the international scene through his diverse range of projects such as Egg, Luci, Chic Miniature, Flabbergast and the artistic collective, Racam—releases found on an equally diverse range of labels like Karat, Morris Audio, Raum and MUTEK_REC. Inspired by the different possibilities offered by fusing styles, and guided by sound experimentation, Guillaume Coutu-Dumont manipulates portions of afro beat, gospel and swing to season the basic rhythms of his solo debut. A true source for hybridized music that warrants close attention.

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