Ylangylang (CA)

Montréal musician YlangYlang takes her synths, computers, voice and field recordings with her on a spiritual journey into music, as if they too could dream in deviant retro pop technicolour. One side of creative entity Catherine Debard, YlangYlang has made music for over a decade, releasing albums on labels Ailanthus Recordings, Lava Church, Personal Archives and Inyrdisk, including her latest EP, Gradients, on Revolving Door Records. She’s collaborated with the Jeunesse Cosmique collective and several other artists, worked on game soundtracks Dream Warrior, Egg Boss and Gardenarium for artist and animator Paloma Dawkins and even remixed Kendrick Lamar. For MUTEK 2015 she pairs with Hazy Montagne Mystique, a.k.a. videographer Chittakone Baccam, for a new live performance that brings lush nature and analogue waveforms into a dreamily lit mystical space where the walls suddenly seem to breathe. Presented by the Festival TransAmériques.


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