Martin Tétreault's Quatuor

Martin Tétreault's Quatuor (CA)


The idea for developing a quartet of turntables was first birthed by Martin Tétreault during ther creation of his Document 4 (2004-2006), a collaboration with the Montreal choreographer Lynda Gaudreau who invited him to compose a piece for turntables, which would then the interpreted by her choreography in Munich, in 2006. 

The challenge for Tétreault consisted in elaborating a notational system destined for non-musicians, unfamiliar with the management of turntables, who would have to read the parts and interpret them live, with precision.  This constraint incited the artist to invent a simple system, imagined and comprhendible at first glance, and to preparediverse surfaces to be read by the needle of the turntable.


Martin Tétreault - composer and director
Alexander Macsween - turntable
Magali Babin - turntable
Nancy Tobin - turntable
David Lafrance - turntable


QUATUOR: a quartet for turntables

Coeur Des Sciences 29/05/2009

MUTEK Montreal, Festival 2009

Monument-National 31/05/2009


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