MUTEK 2016, montreal

Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal (MAC) - BWR Room

WHO: Montréal video art collective founded by Francis Théberge and Mylène Cavana
STYLE: Psychedelic visual distortions, hacked video signals, old tech mixed with new electronics and software
LATEST WORK: Chronophage performance with music by Création Ex Nihilo (2015, 2016) at at Montréal’s Société des arts technologiques (SAT)
MORE: Have performed at Montréal’s Elektra, Igloofest, Nuit Blanche, Festival du Nouveau Cinéma, SAT Fest and D16: Dérapage Festival, and Geneva’s Mapping Festival
MUTEKs: Montréal: 2015, 2014

By hijacking common analog audio equipment such as distortion pedals, TiND creates intense, singular imagery that visually echoes the original sound material. Their live performance are laboratories for real time experimentation: an eclectic mix of controlled improvisations with prepared interventions and mastered errors.

Active since 2001, TiND (thisisnotdesign) has developed their own techniques for live audiovisual creation, experimenting in the spaces between audio and video, hacking video signals, effects pedals and 8bit machinery. Artists Francis Théberge and Mylène Cavana founded the collective as a way to explore rhythmic visuals and exploit the nuances of the flickering screen. At this year’s MUTEK they’ll mix analog with digital, old tech with new, electronic errors that glitch into smooth perfection, drawing us deeper into music through digital abstraction and cinematic illusions rife with feedback, synthetic waves and neon fissures.


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