Detroit Swindle

MUTEK 2017, montreal


The unpretentious, spirited underground sound of Detroit Swindle follows Lars Dales and Maarten Smeets's meandering trips through electronic undergrounds, synth-hunting and soul-searching crate-digging. Avid listeners who've turned a passion for warm funk and disco-tinged Dutch house into their own vinyl label, Dales and Smeets have a knack for sniffing out and championing tracks with contagious appeal.

Active since 2011, with both of them equal players in the production process, Dales tends to fine tune Detroit Swindle's arrangements as Smeets tweaks each track, injecting movement on every level. While aspects of Detroit Swindle's sound – and obviously the name – stand out as an homage to Motown, Detroit hip hop and Chicago house, the duo leans just as strongly on their wide-ranging electronic backgrounds and heaps of hardware. They won't shy away from a fervent vocal groove or funky horn sample either: for the 2015 Dour Festival, Detroit Swindle brought producer Seven Davis Jr.'s unique voice on stage along with Lorenz Rhode on keys and talk box; the duo's 2016 Boiler Room Madrid set also featured Chicago house meets NYC underground hero Honey Dijon.

For MUTEK, Detroit Swindle arranges an extensive setup of analog and digital instrumentation in a new high-energy live set supercharged with improvised alterations and lots of locomotion.


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