Fred P

MUTEK 2018, spain


MUTEK 2017, montreal


Reinvigorating house music with a widescreen sensibility, Peterkin draws his power primarily from jazz but also blues, minor chords, soul, techno and psychedelic sounds — managing to be meditative and rhythmically propulsive at the same time. Devoted to the communicative emotional power of music, he approaches his record selections with the same lucidity as his own productions and live performances, striving to elicit connection and transmit intangible ideas through melody, groove and frequency.

Growing up in Flatbush, Brooklyn, it was breakdancing in the 90s that eventually lead Peterkin to house music. In 2006 he stepped out as the Black Jazz Consortium, establishing his personality, his label and his reputation as a prolific producer. His records are all deeply personal, informed by the times and circumstances they were made in, and are lauded for the sophistication of the feelings they evoke — vulnerable as much as they can be uplifting or rhythmically transportive. Sobriety over the last several years has produced even more music and a refined sense of purpose, with Peterkin establishing a home base in Berlin, increasing his participation in the global scene and growing his profile as a conscientious selector and generous performer. Wearing his influences on his sleeve, from Motor City hip hop and techno to deep Chicago house and even ambient downtempo, his latest release, Escapism, is a love letter to these forces and a statement on the current political climate.

An artist dedicated to creating and sharing a journey with his audience, Fred P takes to the stage at Metropolis on Saturday night, fully live and immediate, ready to really elevate the floor.



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