Filastine & Nova

MUTEK 2017, montreal

Société des arts technologiques [SAT]

Artfully blending contemporary Indonesian soul, oompah horns and the international rhythms of with downtempo electronica, dubstep tropes and analog synths, Filastine & Nova create a borderless sound with a social and political conscience — developing highly conceptual multimedia presentations, incorporating multi-screen visuals, dance, live percussion and spoken word.

Born in L.A., but a restless and seasoned traveler, Filastine has done a lot of planet hopping — sampling Brazil and Morocco before landing in Barcelona, all experiences that clearly inform his musical palette and worldview. Back in 1999 he co-founded the Infernal Noise Brigade, a Seattle-based marching band who participated in the infamous WTO protests, and fellow activist/musician Jace Clayton (DJ/Rupture) released his debut Burn It in 2006. Starting in 2000, Nova Ruth began her music career as an MC and one half of the Indonesian rap outfit Twin Sista. She met Filastine when he was on tour in Jakarta and they have been collaborating ever since. Their latest album and live project Drapetomania, takes its name from an 18th century medical diagnosis for the urge of the slave to run away, and was recorded in several improvised studios in barrios from Brooklyn to Barcelona, a small village in the Sahara and even a wooden sailing ship in the Indian Ocean.

The duo present Drapetomania during Inter_Connect Barcelona, as a full multimedia performance, with the ultimate aim to make a strike against xenophobia and propose a borderless and polyphonic world.

With the support of Institut Ramon Llull and Barcelona City Council.


Panel: Barcelona Imaginaries
MUTEK 2017, montreal

Cabaret du 4e (4th floor)


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