Mezcla (AR)

Mezcla is the duo of argentinian music producers Gustavo Lamas (Kompakt, Onitor, Persona, Hidden Recordings) and Ismael Pinkler (one half of Carisma, and one of the main representatives of Cómeme). They’re both referents of the electronic music scene in Argentina and managed to transcend borders with their releases.
After releasing their debut album in 2013 through Estamos Felices label, the duo focused mostly in their live set, where they recreate the productions of their first album with a classic house pulse and new compositions strictly designed for the club. Manipulating samplers, rhythm machines and other electronic instruments, Mezcla stands as one of the few local artists capable of playing live in the peak time of any club.

MUTEK 2017, buenos-aires

La Cúpula, CCK


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