MUTEK 2017, montreal

Société des arts technologiques [SAT] - Satosphère

Deploying astute cuts over a steady thrum of dubby house, chilled analog chords and digitally tranquilized samples, ESB crafts a serenely echoing, irrepressible melodic techno.

Benaroch has worked with analog electronics since the mid 90s, identifying less as a producer than a recordist with electronic roots – he often combines analog drum synthesis, from background ambient to driving, with the esoteric textures of machines like the PPG wave and arp chroma that achieves a unique balance between cosmic ambience, percussive motion and acid-techno elements. Active on Canadian and international labels known for off-kilter atmospheric electronics, ESB's changing monikers don't alter the precision of his production style – from a cassette of mystic, introvert house on Vancouver's 1080p to the mellow beats and garage flow of his latest release as ESB on Athens label Echovolt.

ESB performs his shy but infectious hardware set in the transmogrifying ambient-to-groove zone of MUTEK's Other Hemispheres closing night at the SAT.



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