You're Me Band

MUTEK 2017, montreal

Society for Arts and Technology [SAT] - Satosphere

Dub-inflected muted rhythms permeate the dazed organic ambience of You're Me Band's nuanced micro-sounds, disorienting jazz-inspired melodies and altered field recordings, reversing any chilled-way-out West Coast notions in favour of perceptive musicality.

A collaborative project focused on abstract electronica, You’re Me brings together Yu Su, known as a DJ, underground party thrower and producer – Vancouver imprint Genero released her solo tape AI YE 艾葉 – and Scott Johnson Gailey, who recently released a cassette with his group Juniper Systems. Using a variety of live instruments, including clarinet, fretless bass, physical modelling software and electric pianos, as well as sounds recorded in the woods and other natural locales, the artists layer familiar jazz song structure and beat-driven club sounds into a less tangible, multi-textured sonic environment. Live, You're Me Band moves from ambient emotional space to bass driven music and back again through samples, experimental synthesis and harmonics.

After recent shows at Vancouver's New Forms Festival and Seattle's Corridor festival, You're Me Band is joined by Aiden Brant-Briscall on fretless bass for a live set enveloping us in a dub-dappled, jazz-spiced understated realm – an ambient entangling of compositional substance with style.


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