MUTEK 2017, montreal

Esplanade de la Place des Arts

Obsessed with textures and techne, Forage builds cavernous, growling mechanical odes to funk-addled rhythm, using spatiality and dubbing effects to induce a hyperreal listening environment.

A thirsty seeker of electronic music growing up in Edmonton, Ball acquired decks in the early oughts and insinuated himself into the the local scene, stirring up underground events and residencies before relocating to Montréal — where he pursues twin fascinations with biology and musical revelation through technology. Sounds inspired by nature, from the activities of birds and insects to an overarching earthy eco-utopian openness, ground Forage's club-focused and precise music in universal and poignant themes. Committed to enhancing the community aspect of vibrant, avant-garde electronic music, he's remixed numerous Montréal artists and his latest EP on Montréal experimental techno label North of Nowhere includes remixes by locals Stereo_IMG and Quest. Live, Forage blurs the lines between producer, performer and DJ, driven to creatively connect with the body in approachable, funky and danceable ways.

Forage performs a synthy, live modulation set outdoors in the Experience Barcelona late-afternoon program alongside artists who hit a similarly hypnotic groove.


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