MUTEK 2017, montreal

Esplanade de la Place des Arts

Traversing continents and electronic genres, Flandez creates considered yet playful tracks for sunny afternoons or late-night movement, influenced by folkloric traditions of universally relatable, down-to-earth tales.

Having lived in different countries, speaking different languages, Flandez began constructing his own ways of understanding and communicating through sound, understanding music as a key to expanding consciousness. Using drum machines, synthesizers and microphones with effects to capture the beauty of a moment, whether in the studio or the club, Flandez keeps the conversation kinetic. His recent Window Shadow is a late-night reflection of subtly driving beats and blurred refections of the dance floor. With original mixes on several compilations, Flandez also consistently collaborates with local and international artists on tracks and remixes – and in newly formed quartet Dead Jonson with producers Hooll, Daoust and Wiklow as well as in project Peterii Patel with Dominic Daoust – adding his melodic synth touches and eclectic interpretive shifts to steady bass tracks and more ambient excursions alike.

Flandez performs a live hardware and software set in the outdoor Experience Barcelona program with groove-wielding artists from Spain and Montréal.


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