Knowing Looks

Knowing Looks (CA)

Under the moniker Knowing Looks since the mid-2000s, Prairie-raised, Toronto-based producer Jason Hopfner reconfigures classic minimal electro into enticingly-strange, sculpted soundscapes of beats, samples and glitches. Unafraid of deconstructing existing and often familiar music, from radio rock to Detroit house, Hopfner searches out ways to stitch sounds together to create thriving, bona fide sonic life forms. As Knowing Looks, in 2006 Hopfner produced the four-track EP, The Homeless Landlord on his own Grain Records, followed in 2008 with the EP Uzbekistan Love on Montréal label Musique Risquée, a 2010 release on West Norwood Cassette Library, and a 2011 EP on UK label WNCL Recordings. After performing at MUTEK in 2007 and 2011, Hopfner comes back to Montréal for a night of heady bass and mischievous experimentation.

Expérience 3
MUTEK 2011, montreal

Place de la paix 03/06/2011

From childhood car rides across the Canadian prairies listening to wobbly Billy Joel tapes, school lunches sacrificed to buy hardcore and metal cassettes, epiphanies hearing jungle in squatted churches overseas, the joys of discovering forgotten hooks in dollar bin vinyl, and currently obsessed with the amazing fresh ideas and sounds taking place in the UK’s bass music scene, Knowing Looks is the culmination of a life spent in love with the neverending possibilities of music.

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