hellothisisalex (CA)

hellothisisalex is an electronic duo from Ontario made up of Mark Prier and Melissa Creasey. Half grounded in '70s psychedelic pop and half in modern electronica, their music is a sonic adventure of experimentation and exploration, filled with raw analogue synths and otherworldly noises carried by melodic bass lines.


Society for Arts and Technology [SAT] 29/05/2002


  • The Anachim Thorn
  • The Canadian Spelling Program
  • Looking North / Winning Remix
  • A Murder Of Crows
  • Across The River Twin
  • The Stump Act
  • The Acorn Children
  • -40
  • The New Electric Policy 1
  • Mutek 02
  • Save Your Fork, There's Pie!
  • -40
  • Science Books Remix Class

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