punctï (CA/QC)


Play 2
MUTEK 2018, montreal

Studio Hydro-Québec (Basement)

An experiment at all levels, punctï pushes performance and improvisation to its expressive limits. A physical and sonic shapeshifter, the punctï project's style varies by collaborator yet consistently hinges on a post-punk reckoning, merging a minimalist musical atmosphere with meditative distortion and noise, striking vocals, hypnotic melody and situationist’s wink.

Spearheaded by artist and writer Laura Bardsley, punctï is an experimental “yes wave” project steeped in “noise, meditation and inner turmoil.” In the spirit of unbridled expression and playful improvisation, Bardsley collaborates with other musicians every month on the punctï “etudes” project, an informal study in sound and sound manipulation. She produces and uploads each session as an online album, giving public life to these momentary, meditative encounters. Project collaborators include Woulg, Ora Cogan, Piper Curtis, Nyssa Brown, Andrew McConnell and many other friends and acquaintances.

At MUTEK, punctï's Potentiometer features the artist as a disgruntled office worker facing the upheavals of late capitalism. A challenge to traditional musical performances, she uses choreographed movements to trigger pressure sensors and infrared sensors mounted to objects on stage, obscuring the performer's link to the music while commenting furiously in a twisted dramaturgy.


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