Debbie Døe

Expérience 3
MUTEK 2018, montreal

Esplanade de la Place des Arts

Warm swinging bass lines and otherworldly synth sounds course through Debbie Døe's hypnotic, loop-driven techno.

Born in Montréal with family ties to Lebanon, she grew up listening to traditional Arabic music, weaving its poetic cadence into her self-taught experiments in Ableton. Inspired by theatre and the act of taking on different personas, her music playfully shifts in tone and style, incorporating rich abstract composition, spacious percussion and unusual samples. Alongside her studio assistant work with producer Pheek, she's developed astute techniques for sampling cassette tapes and analog gear to craft her atmospheric tracks and live sets. She's performed at Montréal's Piknic Electronik and Igloofest and recently played Québec's AIM festival, Montréal's Stereo and Stereobar and dozens of underground parties, featuring international artists and local luminaries.

At her MUTEK debut this year, Debbie Døe plays live on the outdoor Esplanade stage, part of a crew kicking off a big-sky Friday with warm tech-house.


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