Violett & Alessandra Tagliatti

Violett & Alessandra Tagliatti (AR/IT)

Violeta Torres Andres is into electronic arts from a very young age. Her music was released in vinyl and digital in various record labels from Europe and America and as a dj she has travelled the world a few times now.
Alessandra Tagliatti is an Italian visual artist living in Buenos Aires. She specializes in 3D graphics. 
Both met working in one of the best-known clubs in South America, and share a particular artistic vision. The commitment and passion they have for modern art, gives life to a performance where the sounds, noises and climates produced by Violeta, join the abstract and monochromatic forms of Alessandra, creating a dreamy climate. Out of time.

Play 2 x Artlab
MUTEK 2018, buenos-aires

Sala 3, El Cultural San Martín

MUTEK Buenos Aires 2018
MUTEK 2018, buenos-aires

Centro Cultural San Martín


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