Ale Hop

Ale Hop (DE/PE)

Ale Hop crafts pop arrangements with an experimental edge, utilizing electronic effects in order to mutate her voice and processed layers of looped electric guitars that she creates with extended techniques and employing various wooden and metallic materials against her instrument. Her solo career began when she won the Red Bull Music Academy residency and made her first live performance in Boiler Room. Since then she has been featured in specialized music media such as Pitchfork, WIRE, VICE, Noisey, Tiny Mix Tapes, and presented her work in festivals like CTM Festival and NRMAL, and in concerts and exhibitions in Peru, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, United States, UK, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Turkey in the past years. When not working on her solo endeavors, she is engaged with creating scores for films, dance and theater projects.

Digi Lab
MUTEK 2019, buenos-aires

Sala 511 - CCK

Alejandra Cardenas crea arreglos pop con un toque experimental utilizando efectos electrónicos para silenciar su voz y procesar capas de guitarras eléctricas en loop que crea mediante técnicas extendidas y empleando diversos materiales de madera y metal contra su instrumento. En este encuentro, la artista mostrará sus particulares técnicas y procesos creativos.


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