Exploring immersive game space, science fiction narratives and speculative realities, artists CLON and NWRMNTC use new media and sound to blend virtual and physical worlds into an uncanny, perspective-shifting experience.

As in her other artwork, Estela Oliva's CLON identity explores the impact of digital technologies and the Internet on human behaviour, identity and our surroundings. Oliva has collaborated and exhibited internationally at London's Somerset House (where she curated international Nocturnal City events) and Barbican Centre, Sonar Hong Kong, Peru's Espacio Fundacion Telefonica, Barcelona's Mobile World Centre and other galleries and festivals. She's also worked in the digital sphere at Google UK, co-directed Alpha-ville festival and founded and directs digital studio Digital & Nomad. Ana Quiroga designs sound for film, A/V performances and multimedia projects and explores new modes of musical storytelling and multimedia practices in her project NWRMNTC. She's performed at Sónar, Berlin Atonal, Barbican, LEV, Corsica Studios and NTS Radio among others, and was half of cinematic electronic music-art duo LCC with artist Uge Pañeda. CLON and NWRMNTC have recently performed their immersive, tech-and-narrative driven projects at several venues, including the Keroxen Festival, Mirage Festival and this year's Sonar Hong Kong.

Inspired by sci-fi narratives and cyberpunk aesthetics, META leads audiences into a simulated world that unfolds in real-time. While CLON directs the exploratory game format concept and design, NWRMNTC crafts sound and music. Experienced in first-person view, META moves MUTEK travellers through a mysterious virtual space of dark ambience, tribal rhythms and digitally processed vocals, where humanoid clones roam among an interconnected utopia-dystopia.

Appears as part of Amplify.
Amplify is led by the British Council, MUTEK and Somerset House Studios, with the support of Canada Council for the Arts.

Digi Lab
MUTEK 2019, buenos-aires

Sala 511 - CCK

Acerca de la Masterclass:
La artista Estela Oliva (CLON) y la productora de música electrónica Ana Quiroga (NWRMNTC) presentarán sus colaboraciones innovadoras como su proyecto META, una performance inmersiva que integra simulación de videojuegos en vivo con banda sonora en directo. 
Las artistas profundizarán en el proceso creativo del proyecto y las técnicas utilizadas (como escaneo en 3D, diseño de videojuegos, grabaciones de campo y procesamiento digital de voces). También hablarán sobre cómo sus colaboraciones desafían las convenciones artísticas tradicionales desafiando dando como resultado proyectos únicos e inesperados.

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