(2000-06-07) ARCHITETTURA



Exploring the intersection of the worlds of electronic music, contemporary architecture and film, ARCHITETTURA is a mixed media installation event developed by Caipirinha, the New York producers of the films "Synthetic Pleasures" and "Modulations." Inspired by the work initiated within the framework of the musical series ARCHITETTURA and supervised by Caipirinha's music division, established artists explore what harmony and synergy exist between electronic music and architecture. At first glance, these two art forms might appear incongruous, yet, in its own way, each offers an environment shaped by the human imagination. The ARCHITETTURA night presented by MUTEK will also include the Canadian premiere of four short films directed by Iara Lee within the framework of the ARCHITETTURA series.

June 07, 2000 21:00 - June 08, 2000 03:00
3536 Saint-Laurent Blvd Montréal, Canada

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