Cafe Campus

This event is a presentation of various artists who subscribe to the tradition of sonic and musical exploration initiated by the German label MILLE PLATEAUX. Remaining within the confines of electronic and techno music, MILLE PLATEAUX have, for the last five years, been preoccupied with creating a research environment where new technologies are used to generate new musical configurations, with previously unheard tones, which rely on structures built or induced by new digital tools. MILLE PLATEAUX's influence has spread quickly alongside parent label FORCE INC and, more recently, into subsidiaries Force Tracks and Ritornell. Their roster of artists, at first restricted and almost necessarily confined to Germany, has opened progressively to include musicians from more distant horizons who also subscribe to MILLE PLATEAUX's approach. The program presented by MUTEK will emphasize this diversity.


21:00 - 03:00


57 Prince-Arthur St. East Montréal, Canada
Cafe Campus


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