(2000-06-10) MINIMALISM / E (S)


Cafe Campus

Based on minimalist music and other experimentations this event is an exploration of the geometry of sound and rhythm. THOMAS BRINKMANN and TRIPLE R are two resident artists from Cologne. The temptation was strong to label tonight's evening "The Sound of Cologne," which would be the stereotype. It is true that for a few years, a certain number of Cologne's artists have carried out one another's exploration of the minimalist geometry of the sound and rhythm of electronic music - names like Mike Ink or labels like Profan and Kompakt spring immediately to mind. Although Brinkmann and Riley definitely contribute to the creative ecology of Cologne, to relate their individual progress uniquely to a purely geographic phenomenon would not do justice to either talent.

June 10, 2000 21:00 - 03:00
57 Prince-Arthur St. East Montréal, Canada
Cafe Campus

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