(2003-05-30) ÉMERGENCE 2

Just for Laughs Museum


A special opportunity to discover Montreal's next wave of emerging talent. Wielding aesthetic approaches that range from experimental hip hop to digital explorations and sonic manipulations, these artists - all Montreal natives or recent immigrants - are still relatively unknown. They perform only occasionally, they don't have large audiences, and only the most dedicated record emporiums carry their releases, but their varied, refreshing, and stimulating compositions are harbingers of music's future. MONTAG has already seduced the Goom label in France. OTOTO can't be far away from snagging a recording contract. [SIC] self-produces on her Squirrelgirl label, which she founded to free herself from all restraints and obligations. SIXTOO recently released a CD/LP on the English label Vertical Form, and PIERRE CRUBE's first CD is on the Austrian label Angelika Koehlermann. The automatic reflex of most local artists is to begin by becoming known externally, but why wait for that? Discover these adventurous talents now, for yourselves!

May 30, 2003 17:00 - 21:00

Just for Laughs Museum
2109 St-Laurent Blvd
Montréal, Canada


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