(2003-05-31) MÉTROPOLIS 2



Over the years, MUTEK has developed a special connection with South America. The focal point of this growing relationship is Chile, where the success of last January's MICRO_MUTEK will be followed by the first edition of the biennial MUTEK.CL festival in January, 2004. This program reunites an explosive and extravagant cocktail of artists who ascribe to this axis of affinities. JEFF MILLIGAN's first live performance in over four years will reveal the surprising subtlety of his latest compositions. For their part, the COBBLESTONE JAZZ trio arrives in Montreal primed and eager to live up to its reputation as an infectious and exhilarating live act. SEÑOR COCONUT (ATOM HEART) and his 8-member orchestra then take to the stage for their first performance in North America. Their delirious Latin interpretations of Kraftwerk feature brass, vocals, percussion, and a healthy dose of humour. LUCIANO wraps up this musical odyssey, bridging continents with a refreshing repertoire of "latinotronic" compositions that evoke cinematic images.

May 31, 2003 21:00 - June 01, 2003 03:00

$30.00 at the door + tx & sc


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