(2003-06-01) EXPÉRIENCE 2

Just for Laughs Museum


An afternoon dedicated to sonic experimentation with a penchant for risk-taking, otherwise known as the primary characteristics behind Austrian label MEGO. Founded by Peter Rehberg (a.k.a. Pita) and Ramon Bauer, MEGO is one of the few remaining fortresses of avant-garde electronic experimentation. Apart from the artists included in the showcase presented at MUTEK, this Viennese stable also harbours the likes of General Magic, Ilpo Vaisanen of Pan Sonic, Coh, Massimo, Fennesz, Pure, and Farmer's Manual. The MEGO showcase featured in this program also doubles as a who's who of contemporary avant-gardism, with a line-up that includes HECKER, KEVIN DRUMM, and TUJIKO NORIKO, all recipients of the prestigious Prix Ars Electronica this year. Framing this MEGO blitz are two composers from Montreal: CAL CRAWFORD, who presents an abrasive sonic set; and DAVID KRISTIAN, who showcases his new project, GENTLE BAKEMONO.

June 01, 2003 15:00 - 21:00

Just for Laughs Museum
2109 St-Laurent Blvd
Montréal, Canada


$20.00 at the door + tx & sc


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