(2003-06-01) FINALE


Just for Laughs Museum

True to tradition, MUTEK's fourth edition ends with an explosive celebration, an orgasmic release that rejoices in the liberating potential of music. Programmed to seduce body, mind and soul, this euphoric finale weaves together the festival's underlying themes of experimentation, collaboration, and investigation of the potentials of new technologies. The gentle throbbing of Toronto's ROBIN JUDGE whets appetites for MONOLAKE's sidereal spaces. MAMBOTUR then dares you to resist their sublime fusion of Latin and electronic rhythms. Finally, a spectacular world premier, the first outing of NAROD NIKI, a project that reunites eight musicians - some of the most important contemporary figures in the ever-evolving minimal house scene - for a new form of collective improvisation. A night of rhythmic exploration which will certainly leave indelible memories.

June 01, 2003 21:00 - June 02, 2003 03:00
2109 St-Laurent Blvd Montréal, Canada
Just for Laughs Museum

$25.00 at the door + tx & sc


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