MUTEK @ Festival Transart

(2007-09-08) MUTEK @ Festival Transart

Festival Transart


MUTEK @ Transart Festival - Trento (Italy)

Transart is a festival that presents musical and contemporary art projects in atypical venues, with the express concern of highlighting the value of the experimentation at hand. The festival was launched with a strong multi-disciplanry character in mind and culls its strengths from a lively selection of international artists, a wellspring of local organizations and their consolidated relations with other festival of notable renown.

Here, MUTEK presents a programme that represents the habitual diversity of its curation:

Frank Bretschneider > Rhythm > live

Rechenzentrum > Silence > live

Chic Miniature > Poco-a-gogo > live

Ernesto Ferreyra > Exodo > live

September 08, 2007 19:00 - 23:00

Festival Transart
Trento, Italy


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