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Back in the original psychedelic era, the first Visual Jockeys used to drip wax on overheard projectors.  The aim was to create a spontaneous and experiential combustion of colour, movement, shape, and sound that broke the barrier between the audio and visual domains, producing a transcendental experience for the audience.  This was also the era of performative happenings and movements like Fluxus. In many ways, today's VJs work with Live Cinema, getting back to the basics of audio/visual projection: they catalyze technological advances, exploring the space between sound and vision. These artists have developed techniques that go far beyond the realm and comfort of the living room ; they are creating participatory experiences in the round. Often they additionally present this work in the form of installation at international galleries and museums, forming a synergy between audio and video, bathing the body in multisensory stimulation. Live Cinema has become an artform, a new sensory language. Unlike the predetermined visual assemblages that currently make the backdrop for concerts, Live Cinema enthusiasts are experimenting with new and unforeseen ways to cull a spontaneous visual reaction from live sound. Whether it's a matter of imagining new instruments (like Randy Jones) or building new software (like Semiconductor), Live Cinema asks that its practitioners think of manipulation, transcendence, music, and the multi-sensory experience in new ways, and then build the tools they need to bring imagination to life.

Participants: Boris & Brecht Debackere (Brussels), Clinker (Edmonton), Randy Jones (Seattle), Semiconductor (London), Skoltz_Kolgen (Montreal)

Moderator: TJ Norris (Portland)

NOTES: * Tickets available at the door, 60 minutes before the panel. Free for MUTEK_PASSPORT holders.

11:00 - 13:00

10 Sherbrooke West Montréal, Canada
Hotel Opus

Tickets: $7.00 at the door + tx & sc


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