(2008-05-29) WORKSHOP 2: ABLETON



ABLETON PRESENTS: Navigating the Virtual Studio The last few years have seen the music technology industry expanding at an alarming rate, with a seemingly endless range of new recording applications, virtual synthesizers, and effects appear on an almost weekly basis. Add to this the multitude of modular environments that allow you to construct your own custom tools and the task of choosing the right tool, let only getting any actual music written, can quickly become a little overwhelming. In this workshop, will take a look at developing efficient working methods for both production and live performance, as well as strategies for diving into the decidedly daunting realm of modular synthesis. Participants must register here for the workshop presented by: in collaboration with:
May 29, 2008 14:00 - May 29, 2008 16:00
1195 Saint-Laurent Blvd Montréal, Canada

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