Theatre du Nouveau Monde

In recent years, as sampling has gained mainstream traction and music fans in general have grown more open to the reference and manipulation of original music, copyright law is seen increasingly as a model of protectionism against an effective second life for original songs.  Some artists have distributes the various parts of their songs to the public for remixing, in an effort to for a community around a song.  Other artists are basing entire careers around the unofficial remix and manipulation of orginal material, to great success.  Should the remix or sampling of another work simply be accepted as part of the musical landscape?  If so, then the laws surrounding the use of original material need to be modified.  Is a Creative Commons license part of the answer, or is something else required? This panel will explore the circumstances around this thorny issue of art vs. business, while trying to navigate toward a more fitting solution. presented by:


11:00 - 13:00


84 Sainte-Catherine West Montréal, Canada
Theatre du Nouveau Monde


Tickets: $7.00 at the door + tx & sc

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