Panel 2

(2010-06-03) Panel 2



Technical aspects of music production are often covered in various forums (magazine articles, tutorials, workshops etc.), but concept is rarely discussed, as it is harder to “teach” in any exact sense. It goes deeper than skill-set, into more challenging core issues of how the artist thinks about creating. Where do you go with music after the parts are assembled and ready? How is the structure of music itself, perceived? Artist and musician David Last asks artists who all exhibit a particular flair and refinement with arrangement and musicality — what it is that takes them beyond the mere sequencing of parts.

Participants: Uwe Schmidt, Guillaume Coutu Dumont, Vicente “Original Hamster” Sanfuentes, Dave Aju,

Moderator: David Last, Multi-media artist

June 03, 2010 15:00 - 16:00

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