Workshop 03: Ableton Live

(2011-06-03) Workshop 03: Ableton Live

Salle Met A/B


It’s been 12 years since Scott Monteith quietly launched his Deadbeat music project with an unassuming performance on the street outside a Montreal café, as part of the first edition of the city’s now internationally respected Mutek festival. And while the venues and audiences have grown steadily and seriously in the years since, the crackling dub sonics, deep grooves, and rumbling bass which characterised that performance have remained a constant in his live and recorded work, and earned him a substantial number of devoted followers the world over in the process.

For his exclusive Ableton workshop at the 2011 MUTEK festival, Scott will present an hour-long workshop explaining his current production techniques, workflow, and recent exposure to Max For Live. As a seasoned live performer Scott has a wealth of real-world experience on the joys and pitfalls of live electronic performance.

An informal meet-and-greet with Deadbeat will follow.

June 03, 2011 13:00 - 15:30

Espace des Arts - Salle Met A/B
9 Sainte-Catherine East
Montréal, Canada

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