Non human device #01: Instalación interactiva

(2013-02-06) Non human device #01
Non-Human Device #01
During a recent exploration to a new exoplanet, Boris Chimp 504 found a metallic object on its surface.
Though the origins of this object are totally unknown, it is probably a piece of technology from an extraterrestrial civilization. Boris has sent this object in an hyperspace capsule to Earth, to  Vladivostok Space Center.
It is believed that it's a part of a machine, a mechanism or a device of some kind.
Recent investigations on the object lead to the believe that it is an interface to control the position and orientation in space and time of something bigger, a spaceship maybe.
The device responds to touch, and generates an electric magnetic field that interferes with audiovisual signals and causes space-time distortions.
In this public installation, the audience will have the opportunity to interact with this nonHuman Machine Interface, and experience the effects that it causes in audiovisuals signals and space-time orientation.
Non-Human Device #01 is an installation based on the Boris Chimp 504 audiovisual live performance.
Where: Convent Sant Agusti - Sala Capilla 
February 06, 2013 17:00 - 20:00
February 07, 2013 17:00 - 20:00
February 08, 2013 17:00 - 20:00
Carrer del Comerç, 36, 08003 Barcelona Barcelona, Spain
Convent Sant Agustí

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