(2013-11-21) EXTRA_VISIONS 1

The kickoff concert cascades from themes and content explored earlier in the day. Interspersed with screen work presentations, the evening explores performative manifestations of image and sound. Video by: Dominique Skoltz (y2o), Robin Dupuis (Lixiviat), Yan Breuleux (Tempêtes), and Maxime Corbeil-Perron (Ghostly)  - and live audiovisual performances by Clinker with Peregrination,  Blur rouge from Manuel Chantre, Le Révélateur, and Bardos by Sean Caruso. 


Dominique T. Skoltz (CA) : y2o - Projection
Clinker (CA) : Peregrination - Performance A/V
Robin Dupuis (CA) : Lixiviat - Projection
Manuel Chantre (CA) : Blur rouge - Performance A/V
Yan Breuleux (CA) : Tempêtes - Composition A/V
Le Révélateur (CA) - Performance A/V
Maxime Corbeil-Perron (CA) : Ghostly - Projection
Sean Caruso (CA) : Bardos - Performance A/V
November 21, 2013 20:30 - November 22, 2013 00:13

$12.00 in advance // $17.00 at the door (tx & sc included)


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