(2014-10-20) MUTEK.MX 2014

Taking place over different locations in Mexico City from October 20 to 26, MUTEK.MX's 2014 edition proudly proposes an intense program of cutting-edge experiences in the field of digital creativity and electronic music, combining reputed international artists, emerging works, and a wide selection of Mexican talent.

Artists include:


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Here are some of the program's highlights:

Those who have witnessed PANTHA DU PRINCE presentations in joined forces with THE BELL LABORATORY have made sure they become legendary: even moved to tears, many have proclaimed the overall splendor that is generated there, that for the lack of a better word have described as magic. When pieces from the album Elements of Light have been played, Hendrik Weber confirms his extraordinary idea of combining his characteristic modern microhouse and minimal techno with the Norwegian ensemble and its sweeping symphony of percussions.

JON HOPKINS, a favorite among the MUTEK public, will give us a taste of his newest interests with his fabulous Immunity reverberating in our ears. And from what we can infer, the reference will still be astounding (versions of "Breathe This Air" and "We Disappear" have come up, featuring the voices of Purity Ring and Lulu James, respectively). Could it be that the entire album will have its vocal counterpart?

Australia's BEN FROST, who has been living in Iceland for a few years, has managed to induce longing emotion in every place he presents A U R O R A, an album described as a great example of "auditive suffocation" and that, when heard live, captivates with romance one minute and sheer sonic intensity the next. We are sure that Frost's performance will be at the core of the agenda of both noise and ambient enthusiasts and any listener who seeks to explore new emotions through music.

Another intense moment, but one guided towards the infectious house snippets that make us want to move our legs, will be the presence of ANDY STOTT - his dub-oriented, atmospheric techno will turn the dancefloor into a dystopic ghost-invaded scenario. Also in the open-ended experimental scene, ONEOHTRIX POINT NEVER will be part this year's edition, in company of NATE BOYCE's futuristic visuals. Together they manage to create a highly psychedelic audiovisual atmospheric show that can only be inspired in a critical vision of the technophilic life we seem to be leading today.

Joining them will be Japanese musician and programmer DAITO MANABE presenting "Pulse" ­­---an audiovisual piece that combines installation and performance to intertwine the body in action with the pulse of light; British DJ/producer DANIEL AVERY, with his acid and energetic approach to dance music of which we had a taste from his last year's album Drone Logic; 

French artist duo MAOTIK & FRACTION, who will surely take over our eyes and ears with their live immersive piece conceptualizing the work of French thinker Paul Virilio; 1024 ARCHITECTURE, who, with their playful explorations that survey the space between high and low-tech, sound and visuals, art and architecture, will present their Tesseract Hyper Cube, and American composer and producer DERU in collaboration with EFFIXX, featuring his audiovisual album 1979, a project about memories, emotions, and shared experiences that meet with ambient passages to reinvent, or prompt, melancholy.

Also, the presence of dancefloor-oriented advanced producers guarantees many sweaty and memorable festival nights. LAWRENCE, cofounder of the Dial label, summons his emotional and melancholic melodies to contribute to another passion: house and minimalist techno. Ghislain Poirer presents his Mexican premiere of BOUNDARY, a project that explores cinematic electronic music where dark timbres and complex rhythms can alter both bodies and minds, and Swede AXEL BOMAN, who over the last two decades has developed a warm, tech-house sound and works with labels such as Pampa, Hypercolour, Tartelet and his own Studio Barnhus, will be presenting his debut LP Family Vacation.

MUTEK.MX is proud to host some prestigious names in Japanese digital creativity and electronic music this year. Their work has resonated through the international festival network, as well as in museums and galleries. Artist, programmer and musician DAITO MANABE will be joined by several of his brilliant fellow countrymen: MOTOI ISHIBASHI, SATORI HORII, SATORU HIGA and MIKIKO, all of them experts in programming and digital design, who have created audiovisual works capable of transversing, via software, the frontiers between the organic and the cybernetic worlds. Playful, abstract, and sometimes participatory, their combined works manage to mesmerize both aesthetically and conceptually.

Continuing Mexico's relationship with the Great White North, heavyweight producer MATHEW JONSON's visit will demonstrate why he's long been at the forefront of the Canadian (and ultimately, the worldwide) scene. Fellow Canadian ex-pat, also living in Berlin DEADBEAT, returns to our stage with his devastating takes on dub and techno. The work of Toronto's EGYPTRIXX has been called "celestial," suggesting an otherworldly power to transport. His new A/V project will take a trip through futuristic, psychedelic worlds exploring tensions between the melodic and the dissonant, employing music and visual textures, repetitions and atmospheres.

Another producer who has put in multiple appearances within the MUTEK network over the years, is LAUREL HALO. With her hypnotizing, psychedelic command over her machines, and a sound that flickers between Detroit techno and Steve Reich's experimental minimalism, her live show has grown into an introverted performance powerhouse.

Key selections from the European scene this year include: From Germany, a guest with airs of legend: ROMAN FLÜGEL, a chameleon of many styles from ambient/IDM to house, techno, electro and left field concoctions - and whether alone or in collaboration (Alter Ego, Soylent Green, Miles High), he consistently astounds with the details of his production. CHRISTIAN LÖFFLER, who will provide a sweet taste of Cologne's new sound, which combines, in his own words: techno with melancholy and euphoria. And from Austria, PATRIK LECHNER will bring those generative audiovisual compositions with which he has triggered amazement all around the world. He claims to be in love with TouchDesigner, the platform that allows its users to create projects in real time; so we can expect two magical ingredients from him: improvisation and interaction.

The United Kingdom has always been a major exporter of innovation in electronic music, and this year as always MUTEK.MX includes several crucial representatives. Berlin-based, British musician and producer HEATSICK has turned making eccentric music on his half-broken Casio keyboard and effects into a room-shaking, experimental-house force of nature. Having witnessed his idiosyncratic, thoroughly engaging and body moving performance in Montreal, for EM15 this year, we feel the Mexican audience should get to experience this phenomenon first-hand. Producer Kevin Martin, with decades of activity within genres as diverse as hip-hop, dub, ragga and grindcore, will show up with his main project, THE BUG, which has seen him partner over the last 6 years with rapper FLOWDAN, to take deep and menacing rhymes and rhythms one step beyond the British soundsystem legacy.  Aside from presenting his celebrated and infectious solo house snippets, ANDY STOTT, will be presenting MILLIE & ANDREA, his project with Miles Whittaker (Demdike Stare), with whom he taps into a shared love for low-end frequencies, beauty and brutality, as evidenced across their magnificent new album Drop the Vowels.

This year's national congregation of artists represents another rich and diverse offering of Mexican talent. At the head of it - PEPE MOGT and METRIKA, two Mexican producers who have represented our country abroad for years with their innovative and lively electronic approaches. AAAA, a project created by Gabo Barranco, will be complementing them with the kind of noise and ambient that foreshadows the dancefloor, along with BILLIE MANDOKIE, whose nocturnal, emotive ambience fits in somewhere between the Swans and Grouper. Alec Sander, behind projects such as La Royale or Moon Runner, will present MIJO, the alias with which he explores a techno that he describes as,"focused on a more aggressive, funny and sort of Latin dancefloor."

In more experimental leaning electronic music, the duet SYSTEM ERROR will be present with their "danceable ambient." ZOMBIES IN MIAMI is another Mexican project that, with their rocky, hybrid techno, has moved dancefloors on many occasions, and around the world, and this year they released an EP with Jennifer Cardini's new label to prove it. PACHANGA BOYS are mentioned last, in the  company of local talent here, because they are the bi-national project formed by Rebolledo and Superpitcher, and are old and perennial favourites of the Mexican audience, so we can't wait for their antics during this edition of MUTEK.MX.

October 20, 2014 00:00 - October 26, 2014 23:59

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