(2016-03-04) EXPERIENCE 1

Antigua Fabrica Estrella Damm


EXPERIENCE 1 by Estrella Damm
Sala Basculas  (Conferencias / Q&A)
16:00 – #Supportvisualists
17:00 – Q&A: Kara-Lis Coverdale [CA]
18:00 – Q&A: Gerd Janson [DE] 
Sala Maquinas – INTORNO LABS 
Powered by Amate Audio
17:30 – Presentación Intorno Labs
19:00 – Adeline [SE]
20:30 – Deadbeat ¨Walls & Dimensions¨ [CA]
Parking – PLAY 1
18:45 – Pole & MFO [DE]
20:00 – Shigeto [US]
21:15 – The Orb [UK]

The first day of events in the ancient Estrella Damm factory on Friday March 4th will present an eclectic and intense program with EXPERIENCE 1, an entire day filed with a various set of performances and activities.

First off,  it’s an honor for us to welcome the immortal The Orb in Barcelona, for an exclusive show in MUTEK’s history. The legendary band as of today composed by Dr. Alex Patterson and german producer Thomas Fehlmann is considered to be one of the most influential group of the electronic music sphere for giving birth to the UK ambient house movement in the 90s. Groundbreaking albums of this era such as The Orb’s Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld and U.F.Orb remain stepping stones of the genre, which positioned the group as pioneers of the futuristic and atmospheric electronica wave. The Orb’s show in Barcelona will inter alia celebrate the 25th anniversary of the everlasting band.

Another major highlight of the day will be the live show of american artist Shigeto, whose last EP Intermission has shed a new light on downtempo hip-hop production. Ghostly International’s young protégé will present his visionary vision of contemporary electronic music for the first time in Barcelona.

Another debut show on the main stage of the Estrella Damm factory will be the latest work of German dub-master and pioneer Stephen Betke (aka Pole), working as a duo with the visual artist and designer Marcel Weber, best known as MFO. Their new audiovisual project is an elegant array of prisms and projections that explores the aesthetic of enchanted forests - the main theme of Wald’s, Betke’s latest work.

The Montreal soundscaper Deadbeat is returning to the festival to reshape the music of his latest release Walls and Dimensions with the help of Intorno Labs’ 3D sound system that will literally give another dimension to his forward-thinking dub experimentations. In addition to Deadbeat’s work, the Intorno Labs will also feature the work of swedish producer Adeline. Designed by Intorno Labs, the stage will be made of a 30 audio channels sound system, with high-end speakers provided by Amate Audio. In this unique, multi-dimensional sound environment, four artists will present a set previously conceived in the Intorno innovation lab.

Another space of the factory will be dedicated to a series of Q&A conducted by Resident Advisor journalist Shawn Reynaldo, who will welcome Kara-Lis and Gerd Janson as his friday guests.

The visual artist Alba G. Corral will present #supportvisualists, a creative initiative that aims at detecting, spreading and supporting the visual arts in order to improve the conditions of this sector too often in the shade. The debate will address the current state of the visual art field, giving a snapshot of the present situation while contemplating the possibilities the future holds.

March 04, 2016 16:00 - 22:15

Antigua Fabrica Estrella Damm
Carrer del Rosselló, 515
Barcelona, Spain


€22.00 in advance // €27.00 at the door (tx & sc included)

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