MUTEK Mexico City 2017

(2017-11-22) MUTEK Mexico City 2017

A renewed sense of purpose and mission drives the design of the 14th edition of MUTEK in Mexico City, running from November 22 to 26. Constantly rethinking and remodeling the festival as a vehicle for varied and revelatory experiences, this year’s programs are intended to create a distinct narrative and provide an opening on the more adventurous sides of electronic music and digital creativity.

Expect new spaces, unprecedented artistry and novel sensations as MUTEK.MX embarks on another unique journey to bring its community and the world together. 

The confirmed artists of the reconfigured program are : 

Squarepusher (UK) / Alva Noto ― UNEQAV (DE) / The Orb (UK+DE) / Telefon Tel Aviv (US) / Nina Kraviz (RU) / Tim Hecker (CA/QC) / Dark Sky (UK) / Lorenzo Senni (IT) / Equiknoxx (JM) / Thomas Fehlmann (DE) / Emptyset (UK) / Kettenkarussell (DE) / Max Cooper & Maotik ― Hyperform (UK+CA/QC) / Steve Hauschildt (US) / Rafael Anton Irisarri (US) / Leafar Legov (DE) / Magnanime (CA/QC) / Woulg & Push 1 Stop ― Interpolate (CA/QC) / Orphan Ann (SE) / Alexandre Burton & Julien Roy (artificiel) ― Three Pieces With Titles (CA/QC) / Diagraf, Ewerx & Wiklow ― Liquid Architecture (CA/QC) / Devin Fleenor ― S.E.E.D. (US) / LCC (ES) / Lucas Paris ― Antivolume IN/EXT (CA/QC) / Upgrayedd Smurphy (MX) / The Sight Below (US) / Ensamble Translaciones por Gabo Barranco (MX) / No Light & /*pac ― Arise (MX) / Baya (CA/QC) / Humberto Polar & Mike Sandoval (PE+MX) / Musique Nouvelle (CA/QC) / CNDSD (MX) / Klik & Frik (AR) / Egroj (MX) / Isaac Soto (MX) / Jadir Zárate (MX) / Lucas Gutierrez (AR) / Edgar Mondragón (MX) / Practice (MX) / INTUS (MX) / Cocay (MX)

More names will be announced shortly.

Watch a short documentary about MUTEK.MX.

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As we mentioned in our previous statement, we would like to underline the importance of adding to the efforts of reconstruction, whether donating in goods or cash. For those outside Mexico, the best way to help is by donating to the Mexican Red Cross and the social initiative Omaze. Donations are deeply appreciated.

Our hearts and thoughts remain with everyone who has been affected.

November 22, 2017 12:00 - November 26, 2017 23:57

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