Spatial Sound: More Than Meets the Ear: Workshop

(2018-08-24) Spatial Sound: More Than Meets the Ear

Studio Hydro-Québec (Basement)


Led by Electric Indigo, whose debut full length 5 1 1 5 9 3 was composed using spatialization techniques, this workshop demonstrates the ways that multiple speakers, software and composition come together to widen the aural and physical field for immersive sound. Using her own set up as the example, she will:

Show several ways to spatialize sound in Ableton Live — and the results can be immediately listened to in the multichannel setup on-site. Illustrate techniques using the new device Surround Panner, automation curves for sends and returns, etc.
Refer to different approaches to using multichannel setups—in particular immersion vs. locatability of sound, with practical examples and a short excursion into acousmatic music. Provide a short overview of other well known sound spatialization systems.

Additionally, she will give practical tips for technical riders, planning and adaption of existing multichannel pieces for various spaces.

Apart from technical aspects, she’ll also talk about the implications of composing multichannel pieces with regard to musical content.

This event takes place in English.

The RSVP to this event will be available from July 30, 12pm. (Limited capacity)

August 24, 2018 10:15 - 12:15
Free / RSVP required
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