New Kids On The Blockchain: Presentations + Panel

(2018-08-25) New Kids On The Blockchain

Cabaret du 4e (4th floor)


Blockchain may just be the biggest revolution of the Internet, since the Internet.

Over the past few years blockchain and cryptocurrency have outgrown a core community of developers and early adopters and spread to the masses, including banks and businesses, spanning sports and politics. Crypto-millionaires have multiplied almost as rapidly as CryptoKitties.

Beyond the current goldrush mentality, blockchain must be examined as a disruptive force with a multitude of implications and applications for the field of electronic music and the digital arts. It is imperative that we inject the needs and values of our artistic practices and cultures into the development of this new technology. One noticeable fact being, in line with this year’s festival theme: less than 10% of current cryptocurrency users are women.

Guided by HOLO editor and digital culture expert Greg J. Smith, this series of short presentations will get you up to speed in understanding what blockchain is, recognizing how it could transform the cultural industries, society and your professional life, and reveal the opportunities it presents, as a new creative medium.

Unblocking the Music Industry – Guillaume Déziel, music industry entrepreneur and consultant
>> Blockchain Basics: What is it, how does it work, why is there such a big fuss around it?
>> Exploring the benefits of blockchain to the music industry: how is blockchain transforming the music business to benefit creators? Are micropayments facilitated by cryptocurrencies the key to a more healthy / sustainable / fair music industry?
>> Managing digital rights in the blockchain era – selling products vs. selling shares in brands

Digital Art in the Age of Encryption – Sarah Friend, blockchain developer and artist
>> Insider view from within the blockchain (art) scene
>> Exploring potential applications of blockchain for artists, both the notions of "tokenizing art", applications based on the idea of digital scarcity, which allows you to buy, sell, and trade digital goods as if they were physical goods, and "crypto-mechanics-as-art",  a practice with a lineage in conceptual art that leverages blockchains themselves as an creative medium

Managing Time on Blockchain – Evan Prodromou, tech entrepreneur and consultant
>> An outline of some of the mechanisms that underlie blockchain based transactions at the example of EvanCoin, and an exploration of potential applications for culture and the arts

Blockchain My Art – Olof van Winden, Director of TodaysArt
>> Exploration of potential applications of blockchain in the context of venues and festivals, DJs and live acts
>> Presentation of the Blockchain My Art project and ways to connect

This event takes place in English.

August 25, 2018 14:15 - 15:45
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