Nano Mutek 2019

(2019-06-22) Nano Mutek 2019

Honouring the queer roots of electronic music, Pride is thrilled to announce a collaboration with MUTEK, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the cutting-edges of electronic music, sound and audiovisual performance since its inaugural festival in Montreal 20 years ago.

Providing a platform for cross-cultural artistic exchange and collaboration across genres, MUTEK embodies a critical idealism, sharing access and platform with emerging visionary voices. Connecting artists, cultures and experiences, this year's Nano MUTEK sparks an artistic dialogue on access, inclusion and collaboration, setting the stage for a new era of voices to share their musical visions.

Queer and trans artists have long been at the forefront of forging new sonic possibilities, using music as a structure for shelter, collaboration and change. This year's Nano MUTEK is proud to uphold the voices of those dreaming of new polyrhythmic utopian futures, screaming for change through distorted feedback, restructuring broken beats and disassembling old patterns, and creating rhythms that lead to movement, movements that lead to social change. Just as the "MU" in "MUTEK" refers to the concept of mutation, we invite you to immerse yourself in the transformative, utopian potential of new sounds.

Live Musical Performances by
Mutually Feeling
Debbie Døe
**On Earth DJs (Ceremonies, Kehdo, efemmera) between sets**

DJ Sets by
Vibrant Matter
Frankie Teardrop

Nano Mutek 2019 Programming Team: Cindy Li, Erin Reznick, Kate McIntosh, Nat Morcos and Sofia Luu

This is a 19+ event

June 22, 2019 22:00 - June 23, 2019 05:00

$26.00 presale // $31.00 in advance // $36.00 at the door + tx & sc

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