MUTEKLIVE055 - Overcast Sound

MUTEKLIVE055 - Overcast Sound

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February 16, 2011

MUTEKLIVE055 - Overcast Sound

Live @ MUTEK Montréal 2010

OVERCAST SOUND's performance at MUTEK was all about timing. The Canadian duo were just finishing a three month stint in Berlin, where they were working on their debut LP Beneath the Grain, when the call came to be part of MUTEK 2010's bass-driven Nocturne evening with Demdike Stare, King Midas Sound, and Ikonika. A couple flight changes later and members Michael Pettit and Jamie Drouin were massaging the audience with their rolling chords and basslines.

Since 2005, Michael Pettit and Jamie Drouin have been casting an atmospheric haze of deep, minimal techno over their hometown of Victoria, British Columbia. As OVERCAST SOUND, fragments of field recordings mingle with cinematic sweeps and a dub undertow. Pettit combines his background in techno with Drouin’s sound-art practice, creating a signature style that recalls the dub-techno excursions of the Echochord label. Drouin is also no stranger to MUTEK, having presented his experimentalist works a number of times.

OVERCAST SOUND's MUTEK 2010 performance was a taste of things to come. With their debut full-length album being released on February 21, 2011 by Paris label Entropy Records, their unique twist on dub techno is framed within a conceptual album exploring significant history of Berlin.

More information on OVERCAST SOUND and ordering their debut album is available at

Photo by Sarah Stein


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