MUTEKLIVE71 - Chancha Via Circuito

MUTEKLIVE71 - Chancha Via Circuito

90.3 MB


May 03, 2012

MUTEKLIVE71 - Chancha Via Circuito

Live @ MUTEK Montréal 2011

A fine ambassador of the Latin American electronic scene, Argentina native Chancha Via Circuito made his MUTEK debut last year. The ZZK artist is best known for infusing South American rhythms in international trends, all at a slow, 110-bpm pace akin to disco hypnosis.

For MUTEK 2011, Chancha took part in the Designer_Mix showcase dedicated to artists from Buenos Aires, Montreal, and Berlin, all designated as "creative cities" by UNESCO. Live, the producer pushes cumbia to its limits to find out where new genres begin.


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