MUTEKLIVE004 - Komet

MUTEKLIVE004 - Komet

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March 30, 2009

MUTEKLIVE004 - Komet

Live @ MUTEK Montréal 2000


MUTEKLIVE 004 is a magnificent treat indeed, a look back to the very beginnings of MUTEK with an ultra-rare 2000 set by none other than Raster-Noton's co-founder Frank Bretschneider , recorded here as Komet .

This particular set runs 68 minutes and offers an apt glance of the revolutionary sounds that inspired and guided the very first editions of MUTEK. Bretschneider, recorded here working within Rand -era clicks n' cuts, delivers an austere and enigmatic performance that does nothing less than strip electronic music down to its skeleton and lock into the hypnotic essence of what minimalism was capable of at the turn of the century. 

From this vantage point, it is difficult to overestimate how different these sounds were at the time, and how important they became in projecting the ideals of futurism in the genre.  Frank Bretschneider , Carsten Nicolai , and Olaf Bender were at the forefront of this development, as exemplified by the still-brilliant 20' to 2000 series the label was just then issuing.  It's telling that, a decade later, Raster-Noton is still at the forefront of exploratory sound.

Frank Bretschneider would go on to develop some of the most consistently fascinating avant-garde electronic music of this decade, but this live recording at MUTEK 2000 captures him back at the beginning of what can only be qualified as a sonic revolution.

Sit back, don the headphones, and enjoy.


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