MUTEKLIVE010 - Closer Musik

MUTEKLIVE010 - Closer Musik

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April 13, 2009

MUTEKLIVE010 - Closer Musik

Live @ MUTEK Montréal 2001


MUTEKLIVE 010 goes back eight years to an ultra-rare live recording of Matias Aguayo and Dirk Leyer's Closer Musik, who were an early highlight from the Kompakt roster that has since set the template for how to bring techno's blood to a boil.

Closer Musik may have only lasted for one album - 2002's After Love - and all of two singles, but the impact of Aguayo and Leyers shortlived collaboration has been felt in the work of many producers in the years since they broke up.  Listening back to this 44-minute set, it's easy to hear why.  Closer Musik embody all the early aspirations of the Kompakt sound; they were full of personality and brimming with sexual agitation, and they were serious about producing solid, infectious techno. 

These days, Aguayo continues the sound the duo first got underway on their singles, and Leyers has moved deeper into the dark, atmospheric textures that made up the duo's album tracks and b-sides. 

Listening back, it's a wonder how this set still holds up as well as it does.  The production values are tight and controlled, and nothing here reflects the date of the music's making, other than the recording's date.  Even in 2001, Closer Musik were in a world of their own.   It's a world well worth revisiting.



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