MUTEKLIVE012 - Hrdvsion

MUTEKLIVE012 - Hrdvsion

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April 17, 2009

MUTEKLIVE012 - Hrdvsion

Live @ MUTEK Montréal 2006


In our continuing series of highlighting contemporary Canadian electronic music, we look back to MUTEK 2006 and the IDM stylings of Victoria's HRDVSION

Nathan Jonson may be the brother of Wagon Repair's Mathew Jonson, but it's not a relation that makes its way onto record at all.  Listening to this Wednesday night gig from three years back, HRDVSION's brand of complexly structured beats sounds thoroughly at home alongisde Warp acts Chris Clark and Jackson & His Computer Band.  This 59-minute set focuses on the stop-start syncopated beat patterns that stutter through the finest Autechre records, leaving the listener's head swimming in a sea of non-rhythm that bristles against the brain in its attempts to be absorbed.

This is heavy music, a direction that few other Canadians were pursuing at this juncture.


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