For the second year in a row, Bogota will host MUTEK, International Festival of Digital Creativity and Electronic Music, with the second edition of MICRO_MUTEK.CO. From September 24 to 26, this simplified version of the festival will present more than 20 local and foreign artists in its program, including audiovisual performances, interactive installations, workshops, conferences and lectures around digital art and its symbiosis with electronic music, reflecting the international environment and its relation to the practice of these disciplines at the local level.

MICRO_MUTEK.CO’s substantial program in the field of avant-garde and experimental digital art and electronic music highlights the best of these disciplines via artistic performances that offer unique acoustic and visual experiences.The presence of foreign artists already recognized in the context of the various international editions of MUTEK, and the debut of local artists allow a projection and strengthening of the local scene. MICRO_MUTEK.CO is also a space for the dissemination of research, creativity, refinement and experimentation in the world of local digital and musical artistic proposals.

MICRO_MUTEK.CO is again produced by the Fundación Cultural Arca, which since 2012 has been strengthening its ties with Montréal through artistic exchange alliances supported by LOJIQ - Les Offices Jeunesse Internationaux du Québec.

Presenting a multiplicity of artistic performances over three days at major cultural venues in downtown Bogota, MICRO_MUTEK.CO will create a unique experience to amaze and offer new sensations to the audience.

Stay tuned as we will post the program, confirmed artists and practical information in the next days.

For information on the 1st edition of MICRO_MUTEK.CO in 2014, click here.


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