SND return with new release on PAN

March 19, 2012

SND, whose last vinyl release was the obscenely limited 4,5,6 double-pack in 2008, are set to return with a new 12″ EP on PAN. To be accurate, it’s a split EP: SND’s composition ’10/16′ occupies the entire A-side, while the B-side is given over to three tracks from NHK aka Japan’s Kuhei Matsunaga and Toshio Munehiro; earlier this month Matsunaga released the terrific Dance Classics Vol.1 EP on PAN as Nhk’koyxen. More infos here. [via FACT Magazine]


A1. SND – 15/16
B1. NHK – Fu2
B2. NHK – 111230_2ndhalf
B3. NHK – Hydra
B4. Stomp_1


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