Guillaume Coutu Dumont & the Side Effects MUTEKLIVE051

Guillaume Coutu Dumont & the Side Effects MUTEKLIVE051

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December 22, 2010

Guillaume Coutu Dumont & the Side Effects MUTEKLIVE051

June 5, 2010 // Live in Montreal

One of the highlights of MUTEK'S 11th edition, Montrealer Guillaume Coutu Dumont delivered a worldwide exclusive at his hometown festival, the premiere of the live band that worked on his exceptional new album “Breaking The Fourth Wall.” Comprising of fellow Montrealers Nicolas Boucher (keys), Sébastien Arcand-Tourigny (sax), and Marc-André Charbonneau (guitars), the band known for this performance as The Side Effects also featured San Francisco’s Dave Aju on vocals.

As many of you know, Coutu Dumont is no stranger to us. Having begun his career with MUTEK back in 2003 as part of the duo EGG (alongside current Artificiel member Julien Roy), it is fair to say that seven long years later, Dumont has hit the big time in international circles. After a slew of releases on MUTEK-affiliates MUTEK_Rec and Musique Risquée, Dumont has added international labels such as Germany’s Oslo and France’s Circus Company to his roster of admirers, as well as legions of fans worldwide. A classically trained musician, Dumont brings a heightened awareness to the musicality of his compositions. An expert with percussion, he is known for weaving complex, culturally diverse rhythms into the template of his tracks. Meanwhile, his love of sampling old afro-beat, soul, space-rock, and jazz records has also added to his sonic signature, making his current sound one of the most seamless and infectious packages in contemporary house music.


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